About Quiet Clarity

My name is David Resnick, and Quiet Clarity is a sharing of my life work to find greater happiness and meaning. From where I sit, perception is everything. How our perception of life gets created is not always clear or in alignment with what we would perceive upon a deeper looking. More importantly, our feelings are created out of these perceptions and can cause us to feel great peace and contentment or great frustration and angst. All of this is within our control even if we do not know that. For the most part, we just want solutions, and quick ones at that. But I like to explore the hows and whys of all this, and that is what you will find here along with free resources and a sharing of all that has worked for me.

Currently, I am working on three ideas:

  • Exploring something I call “broken thinking” and what can help people overcome the pain and suffering caused by it.
  • Offering updated points of view about God so that God is more appealing to people that have been turned off in the past.
  • Exploring the possibility that a flat tax rate could eliminate unfair taxation and the manipulative control that it gives policymakers.

I believe our quality of life gets determined by our interpretation of events and that we have a choice on how we determine them. When we identify these things in ways that make us unhappy or dysfunctional, I term this thought pattern “broken thinking.” The solution lies in finding ways to fix this broken thinking without making any event right or wrong.

Too much of human suffering has centered around beliefs about God. I do not believe that God is knowable or definable, which by definition eliminates the conversation about real or not real. Whether a person chooses to believe in a God or not and what God they want to believe in is a personal choice. The more important moral questions and concerns are learning how to live and let live, how to love more deeply, how to give all other people the right to live life as they choose, and how to do the least amount of harm to all other life.

The two most significant forms of corruption in human history have their roots in religion and taxation. During modern times policymakers pit groups of people against one another through taxation. I want to explore ways to eliminate this form of corruption by promoting a tax system that is straightforward and easy to understand.

As of February 2017, I have four children ranging from 16 months to 30 years of age and just celebrated my wife Oksana’s and my 14th anniversary.

Note – this project is in transition, and that is why the pages you may have seen in the past are no longer available. Because I am not a superb writer sometimes the articles and posts are video or audio recordings instead of writings, and I also change and edit my articles regularly to make them easier to read and understand.