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Welcome to Quiet Clarity

Most of us know what we need to do in our lives but we never seem to do it. Why not? This is an important question and the first step to finding fulfillment and peace.

The name Quiet Clarity comes from my own pursuit of fulfillment and peace. It was easy to get clarity about what I wanted, and there were plenty of books telling me how to get what I wanted, but actually getting there…not so easy.

Seeking my own answers made me realize we each have our own unique path and that modern self-help technology and ancient spiritual practices combine perfectly to give us the tools we need.

This is what Quiet Clarity is about – helping you use the latest technologies along with your own spirituality to find fulfillment and peace – to find out who you truly are.

The Invisible Obstacles That Keep Us From Success

To understand what keeps us from success we need to understand who we are, how we think, what makes us tick. We need to become more conscious and self realized.

Each of us has what I call a belief construct. This construct forms the reality in which we live and is created by all the beliefs we have accepted throughout our lives, whether we are consciously aware of them or not.

Most of these beliefs come from the society and culture we live in, the religion or spiritual practice we participate in, our parents, and the scientific and educational communities. We see these entities as authorities and naturally accept the beliefs they provide without question.

Because beliefs are collected throughout our life, our belief construct contains many old beliefs that are no longer needed or useful. These old beliefs are ingrained deeply in our subconscious minds and operate automatically and outside of our normal awareness. Most importantly, these old beliefs have a natural priority and will keep new thinking (goals) and beliefs (habits) from being accepted by our mind if they are in conflict with old beliefs or our belief construct.

We must get to know our belief construct, what beliefs are in there and how it works. We must also learn about thinking and beliefs, how these things work, and how beliefs can interelate with one another to form new beliefs without our ever knowing it, making it impossible to accept new habits and patterns of behavior. We must transcend our belief construct. 

Once you learn what beliefs are in your belief construct and how your own unique belief construct works, you will be able to make changes and become more self realized.

The Key

Quiet Clarity will help you develop your ability to access a much greater part of your resources – your higher consciousness, spirit, soul, and heart – which will allow you to move farther along on your own unique path. These resources are intended for us to use, we only need to develop our ability to use them effectively.

When you learn to use these resources consciously you will be able to change your belief construct and have the fulfillment and peace you want.