Better Living Through Meditation

This simple meditation will help you get through any challenge in life

  • Connect to your calmer, deeper self
  • Reverse negative feelings in minutes with ease
  • A 30 second calming technique you can use anywhere
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What David’s Client Say…

I have gone from 238 to 195 and feel great! Operation Healthy Lifestyle is the reason and help! (Please note that results may vary)
From 238 to 195!



How to Stop Worrying

This is a short 15 minute talk about how you can stop worrying. I propose that you can take responsibility for your thoughts and that by doing so you will eliminate thoughts that make you feel bad. I use money as an example but the principle is valid in all situations. You will also hear me state that thoughts create feelings and that because we … Listen to this episode

Susan Hasbrouck – Infidelity

This is another interview with Susan about relationships. Susan and I had an interview about loving your ex a few weeks back and if you have not heard that interview you can listen to it here. In that interview you discovered that Susan is my ex-wife and also a very lively talker. In this interview we dig deeper into relationships and discuss what … Listen to this episode

From the Blog…

Frog Squat Stretch

Here is the most powerful morning stretch you can do – the frog squat stretch. Do this every morning and you will be golden! This short two minute video will show you how to do a stretch that will … Continue Reading »