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What is this site about, yes, that is a question. Me, you will know well enough from reading the posts, but what is the meaning of this site, that is a more difficult thing to answer. And anyway I am so confused perhaps the question about me is unanswerable. In any event, and at first, I thought the site was about God, or maybe love, or perhaps happiness. But those things are much too obscure. No, I need something tangible. Aha, relationship! A relationship is where the tread meets the pavement in all matters of life. Relationship to God, life, love, a person, family, a relationship is what makes these things tangible.

This idea of the relationship came to me as I sat with my feet dangling into the Boulder Creek. It was about 90 degrees, and I had just walked down from a mountain path where I like to stroll. A delightful day and I was musing about what to write. And then I thought why do I write, and it was clear that I write to find more of myself. To sort out what my life means. And yet, I do not know what I want, or what makes me happy, or why I feel any purpose. Or do I? It seems that God is valuable, even though I go back and forth about believing in God. Love is meaningful, yet I do not know what love is, or maybe I think it is in nearly everything, I am not sure. Having family is more tangible and no doubt my primary purpose, I need, and love, having a family. I had an aha moment with my feet in that cold creek. All these things give me happiness and all these things have one thing in common, a relationship between them and me. So I have decided that relationship is what this blog site is about. There. Now that that is finished, a touch more background.

My name is David, and I like to explore life and then discuss the ins and outs of it. I love to talk about God and religion and all the things you should not bring up at dinner tables. Mostly I like to ask questions and explore them with you. What do I believe? I believe in love, and in human beings. Love and human beings are tangible, but there are also many intangible things, like God and souls, and stuff like that. Should we believe in these things? Are they essential to the quality of our life, or to the continuation of our species?  Most things related to God and what may happen after our death come from the original question “who am I?” This site explores this question and all those other questions that extend from it, so come along with me and let’s examine things.

One other important thing about the site, because our view of the world gets created by the beliefs we adopt and because we deserve to find purpose and happiness, there is much about the mind here too. Many of us tend to have thoughts that get in the way of our happiness, or that keep us from our goals and there is a lot of technology to change that. There is a lot of scientific knowledge and also religious and spiritual knowledge. We will talk about all these things with a view more toward utilizing them for greater happiness and purpose than whether or not they are the truth. The funny thing about truth, knowledge, and even scientific facts is that they can, and have, and probably will change when we acquire more information. So here are the first practice questions – Why is ‘truth’ important to you? Is truth ever evolving and therefore changing? If all humans could be happier under a (supposedly) false belief, and miserable knowing the (supposed) truth, which would be better for humanity?

One last important thing, in addition to personal happiness and purpose I believe we should not hurt other things, especially just because they feel or think differently than we do. Oh, and I think the rapid advancement of technology is both exciting and dangerous, we’ll talk about that too. I hope you like this site, and that you get something of value from what I share. If you do, please let me know, and share the site with others.

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