Quiet Clarity

The words quiet and clarity came to me as I thought about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to call my website. This all back in 2008 after my real estate business crashed and burned and I moved from San Diego to Boulder seeking a new life. Now, in November 2019, I realize the words still describe what I aspire to and wish to share with others.

As I grow older some things that bothered me have fallen away and others have become more prominent, like aging and dying. I also see that some people are born with healthy emotions and thoughts, and others struggle daily with unhealthy thinking and emotions.

As a younger person I did not realize that my thoughts came randomly and all on their own, or that they were not necessarily accurate or meaningful. Back then I believed every thought that popped into my head was critical, required thorough analysis, and dictated the truth of who I am. This is not true. I also got confused by the multitude of self-help, spiritual, and psychological tools that were available as I attempted to find an answer. Eventually, the wisdom that comes from age and experience showed me that there is no simple answer. Most things, especially emotions and beliefs are complex and interwoven structures.

I wish that I could give my fellow humans a simple process to relieve the needless suffering many of us go through, but I cannot. The afflictions caused by our minds seem to be a necessary part of our species evolution. The most important discovery I have made is that we can change the way we think and feel. This is a critical first step to improving oneself and if you cannot find this to be true it is nearly impossible to make progress.

Our view of the world gets created by the beliefs we hold. Our beliefs also determine the quality of life we experience. Because many of our beliefs are given to us when we are children we can unwittingly adopt beliefs that get in the way of our health and happiness. As children we lack adult discernment and the awareness that not everything we get told is right for us or even true – when we get older we can, and should, review our beliefs and make changes where appropriate.

There are tools to help us let go of beliefs and programmed thoughts, and provide insight that can lead to greater joy and peace. During my life I have used many tools offered by psychology and spirituality, most have been helpful. Internal questioning has been particularly helpful for me, particularly about any status quo. One essential idea of the status quo is that there is a truth, and I challenge you to explore that idea:

      • Does “truth” really exist?
      • What is “truth”?
      • Is “truth” the same for all people and all times?
      • Why is “truth” important to you?
      • Is truth ever-evolving and therefore always changing?
      • If all humans could be happier under a (supposedly) false belief, and miserable knowing the (supposed) truth, which would be better for humanity – the truth or a false belief?

Thank you for visiting, and I wish you happiness and peace – quiet clarity.