Welcome and Hello

I sat with my feet dangling into the Boulder Creek. It was about 90 degrees, and I had just walked down from a mountain path where I like to stroll. A delightful day and I was musing about what to write. And then I thought, why do I write, and it was clear that I write to find more of myself. To sort out what my life means. And yet, I do not know what I want, or what makes me happy, or why I feel any purpose. Or do I? It seems that God is valuable, even though I go back and forth about believing in God. Love is meaningful, yet I do not know what love is, or maybe I do, I am not sure. Having a family is more tangible than love, and I need and love having a family. I reminded myself that all these things give me happiness and have one thing in common – a relationship between them and me.

Because our view of the world gets created by the beliefs we adopt, many when we are children, we tend to have thoughts that get in the way of our happiness. There is a lot of technology and knowledge to change that, both scientific knowledge and also religious or spiritual insight. I believe it is better to utilize religion and spiritual insight for greater happiness and purpose than it is to figure out whether or not they are the truth. The funny thing about truth is that it can, has, and likely will change when we acquire more information.

Oh, and I love meditation in all forms. Meditation can include reflection and is vital for finding oneself. Want to try a few thoughtful questions?

  • What is “truth”?
  • Why is “truth” important to you?
  • Is truth ever evolving and therefore changing?
  • If all humans could be happier under a (supposedly) false belief, and miserable knowing the (supposed) truth, which would be better for humanity?

The most important thing is that while we look for personal happiness and purpose, we should not hurt other things. Especially just because they feel or think differently than we do.

Oh, and I think the rapid advancement of technology is both exciting and dangerous too.

I hope you like this site, and that you get something of value from what I share. If you do, please let me know and share the site with others.