Once I realized that my anger was a feeling of pain I could start to see it was the way that I called out for love, for connection, for validation.

Some people choose to explore their humanity through history, others through religion, and others through every other variation and aspect of life and being human. Many make a lifelong journey of it and call it a path, this has some spiritual connotation to it, but it could be psychology or philosophy or art or anything else too. I tended to hang out in spiritual groups, so I usually think of it as spiritual. But it does not matter what you call it; if you are an explorer, you know it. Continue reading “Emotions”

Action Plan For Weight Loss

Some time ago, it became my belief that feeling unsafe and unhappy about my weight and diet, along with feeling bad about myself, did more to exacerbate the problem than anything else.

Anyone fighting the battle of being overweight knows one thing – it is not easy! They do not need any more advice, diets, help, or education on what to do. They are usually not lacking in motivation, discipline, desire, or ability. So then, why are they still overweight? Continue reading “Action Plan For Weight Loss”

Belief Constructs

What is it that lets one person feel happy and content throughout life, and another feel unsettled and unsafe, even if they have similar income, health, and life circumstances? Many people worry habitually and do not feel happy, while others never suffer and being happy is a natural state of mind. The source of this anxiety or happiness lies in the way a person perceives his or her life, in other words how they think. When that thinking is not operating in a manner that will imbue happiness I term it “broken thinking.” Continue reading “Belief Constructs”

On God

It would not be fair to skim over the personalization of God too quickly because it is a very real part of the issue and what keeps people involved or repels them away.

Do you believe in God? Does it embarrass or comfort you? Few things are more controversial or give the world more trouble than God. The belief that God is definable or proprietary or conditional is false. It is worth exploring. Continue reading “On God”

In Divorce Real Men Are Loving Men

Nothing will make these next few years any easier. No matter what you think you might gain financially or otherwise, it will all be meaningless before the ink dries. But love will carry on forever.

Could anything be worse than a stock market crash? Yes, divorce. Divorce is where we lose control and become misunderstood. It is also the place that will define who we are for the rest of our lives. Continue reading “In Divorce Real Men Are Loving Men”