Once I realized that my anger was a feeling of pain I could start to see it was the way that I called out for love, for connection, for validation.

Emotional Energy

Emotions are signals from our brain to take action. They are the highlighter of our mind. Emotions emphasize important points and underline what the mind feels is vital for us. Because they engage the body too, emotions leave the mind as energy. That energy must physically move, maybe to get out of the way of an object, perhaps to defend ourselves, and possibly to cry or physically express yourself in some other way. Continue reading “Emotions”

Be A Kid Again

So hard to live in the moment when there is so much we need to do. But is there really? Yes. Yes there is.

Remember when you were a kid and all you thought about was whatever it was you were doing? There were no jobs to worry about, no children to take care of, no idea of what was needed to make us “successful.” Heck, we did not even think about what it took to be happy. We just were! Continue reading “Be A Kid Again”


No matter how much awareness we have, we just have to prove who is right and who is wrong.

Relationships! What do they mean to you and how do you manage them? When you think about it relationships are the most crucial part of our life – without relationships, we do not have the quality of life we want and need. From the most basic biological point of view, you need to find someone and reproduce, otherwise, you are unnecessary. We develop from there. Continue reading “Relationships”


Worry was the key I needed to see because it gave me a clear choice, do I want to worry or not.

Why do some people feel angst and worry all the time while others never worry and being happy is a natural state of mind? The answer lies in the way a person perceives his or her life, in other words how they think. When that thinking is not operating in a manner that will imbue happiness I term it “broken thinking.” But before we explore broken thinking, let’s talk about a plan to eliminate or reduce worry. Continue reading “Worry”