Relationship Pain

People should feel safe as they go through life, and see a purpose in learning and discovering what life and pain have to offer.

The first time I felt emotional pain from a relationship was in the 4th grade when I lost the love of my life…at least it felt that way.  It was not the last time I would feel this type of pain, and it never got easier.  As a teenager and young adult, emotional pain disrupted my life terribly, and as a father and husband, I still can not properly function while I am in emotional pain. Continue reading “Relationship Pain”

Retirement Planning

If you have been self-employed most of your adult life, you may not have planned or funded, a retirement account. And, if you are 50 years old and do not have wealthy relatives or a hefty inheritance coming your way, you are in trouble. That’s ok, you are a survivor, there is no need to panic – but there is every need to create a clear plan of action and then execute it. Here is your action plan: Continue reading “Retirement Planning”

Why Are Habits Hard To Break?

Habits are hard to break because that is the nature of habits. They are a program built by your subconscious mind to make your life easier and give you time for other things.

Consider for a moment all the routine chores that you perform every day. Do you brush your teeth every morning, make your bed, shower, prepare breakfast, straighten the house, get dressed, go to work or school? And this is only the first part of your day! We have hundreds, maybe thousands, of tasks to do each day – can you imagine what it would be like if every one of them took an effort just to get started? If they were not a routine and regular part of your day? Continue reading “Why Are Habits Hard To Break?”