On God

It does not matter if God is imaginary or real, its effect on you is more important than the question. Love works the same way.

Do you believe in God? Does it rile or comfort you? Few things are more controversial or give the world more trouble than God. There is no way to prove whether God is real or not. If God is real, it is evident that God is not proprietary or conditional, and does not care which religion you choose or if you are an atheist. It is all about faith. It is worth exploring. Continue reading “On God”

In Divorce Real Men Are Loving Men

Nothing will make these next few years any easier. No matter what you think you might gain financially or otherwise, it will all be meaningless before the ink dries. But love will carry on forever.

Could anything be worse than a stock market crash? Yes, divorce. Divorce is where we lose control and become misunderstood. It is also the place that will define who we are for the rest of our lives. Continue reading “In Divorce Real Men Are Loving Men”

Relationship Pain

People should feel safe as they go through life, and see a purpose in learning and discovering what life and pain have to offer.

The first time I felt emotional pain from a relationship was in the 4th grade when I lost the love of my life…at least it felt that way.  It was not the last time I would feel this type of pain, and it never got easier.  As a teenager and young adult, emotional pain disrupted my life terribly, and as a father and husband, I still can not properly function while I am in emotional pain. Continue reading “Relationship Pain”