Divorce Is Not The End Of Love

Divorce is a negotiation. There are no black and white answers.

Divorce is more common than not these days, by some estimates more than half the people that get married end up in divorce. I did. There is a lot to be learned during a divorce and maintaining the ability to love again takes work. I have put what I learned into a short, 48-page book that will save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache. It is specifically designed to be easy to use and will prepare you to deal with your divorce in the most effective way.

Should I get divorced?
How do I deal with the pain?
How do I get what I want financially?
How do I make sure my kids are ok?
How will we split custody of the children?
Will I ever get married again?
How will my children deal with new parents?

The book will guide you through all three stages of divorce – the decision to get divorced, the divorce itself, and life after the divorce. Whether you are thinking about getting divorced or have been divorced for many years, you will find this book to be a helpful and valuable resource.

Divorce is too important to be decided by “everyone else” or the courts. You must prepare yourself for dealing with your emotions responsibly (without any denial or repression), and then use techniques for clear thinking to get what you want. Divorce is a negotiation. There are no black and white answers. Becoming clear on how you think and feel about important areas of your life is your key to making the right choices and successfully negotiating your divorce. This book will teach you how.

My divorce happened when I was thirty-five years old. My two sons were at the ages of four and five, and my wife was in love with another man. The heartbreak I felt over my wife falling in love with someone else was painful, but the thought of living without my two sons was so painful I could hardly breathe. Also, after more than ten years as a real estate developer, I had built a successful and profitable business and was terrified of losing it all.

I’ll share with you the experience I gained throughout my divorce, and the secrets I discovered. You’ll know how to deal with your pain and make choices that will better serve you now and in the future. You’ll know how to get through your divorce without losing your money, your children, or your soul.