Tax Reform

The thing about our country is that we the people have the power to change things, and that is good. The problem is that we the people do not spend time understanding essential topics until they become dire.

Tired of hearing about taxes? This is one of the mega topics guaranteed to grab your attention every time. Why? Because it affects nearly everyone and yet few people understand how taxes get calculated or what those taxes pay. But first, this article is not meant to be “us against them,” it is about awareness on an important topic. It is intended to help you understand why taxation is so complicated and what you can do to make it fairer. Continue reading “Tax Reform”


Once I realized that my anger was a feeling of pain I could start to see it was the way that I called out for love, for connection, for validation.

Emotional Energy

Emotions are signals from our brain to take action. They are the highlighter of our mind. Emotions emphasize important points and underline what the mind feels is vital for us. Because they engage the body too, emotions leave the mind as energy. That energy must physically move, maybe to get out of the way of an object, perhaps to defend ourselves, and possibly to cry or physically express yourself in some other way. Continue reading “Emotions”

Action Plan For Weight Loss

Some time ago, it became my belief that feeling unsafe and unhappy about my weight and diet, along with feeling bad about myself, did more to exacerbate the problem than anything else.

Anyone fighting the battle of being overweight knows one thing – it is not easy! They do not need any more advice, diets, help, or education on what to do. They are usually not lacking in motivation, discipline, desire, or ability. So then, why are they still overweight? Continue reading “Action Plan For Weight Loss”

On God

It does not matter if God is imaginary or real, its effect on you is more important than the question. Love works the same way.

Do you believe in God? Does it rile or comfort you? Few things are more controversial or give the world more trouble than God. There is no way to prove whether God is real or not. If God is real, it is evident that God is not proprietary or conditional, and does not care which religion you choose or if you are an atheist. It is all about faith. It is worth exploring. Continue reading “On God”