Five Steps To Better Living

When you are going through any difficult time in your life, turning to spirituality or religion or God can help. So can journaling, reflection, meditation and common sense. It is also important to question and reflect on significant truths that guide all parts of our lives. See mine below, followed by the five steps.

The Obvious Spiritual Truths

  • There either is a God, or there is not.
  • God will not interfere with your choice. (Just look around.)
  • God may or may not offer assistance in some way.

The Obvious Human Truths

  • We do not know everything.
  • There are people that want to rule and people that do not want to rule.
  • Those that choose to rule pretend to know (or have) something to gain power, or are willing to use greater force.

The Obvious Personal Truths

  • You will die. (Do not feel bad about this, everybody does.)
  • What you do with the time you are living is your choice.
  • You will not always get what you want, but you always have the freedom to change what you want.

The Five Steps To Better Living

  1. Wake up to obvious truths. Ask for help.
  2. Knowing the truths, use your free will to choose how you live and what you believe.
  3. Become aware of how you feel. Learn the difference between what you “think” or “know” and what you “feel.”
  4. Use your mind to adjust your thinking to what you “feel” and not the other way around.
  5. Make your choices from what you feel, and not to win or gain something.