Action Plan For Weight Loss

Some time ago, it became my belief that feeling unsafe and unhappy about my weight and diet, along with feeling bad about myself, did more to exacerbate the problem than anything else.

Anyone fighting the battle of being overweight knows one thing – it is not easy! They do not need any more advice, diets, help, or education on what to do. They are usually not lacking in motivation, discipline, desire, or ability. So then, why are they still overweight?

The answer is consistency and balance for most of us. We can do 10-day diets, 30-day fasts, even 90-day ketosis diets and more. But the weight comes back and frustration sets in, and we throw in the towel for another year only to feel bad about ourselves. Whether there is any solution to this horrible cycle or not, we keep feeling sorry for ourselves and keep trying. You have to give credit to our perseverance.

What if the truth of the problem lies in genetics making our metabolisms especially susceptible to an overabundance of food? Or making our minds and emotions hyperactive, and only soothed by food and drink? Or by creating a mindset that believes there is no way out?

Some time ago, it became my belief that feeling unsafe and unhappy about my weight and diet, along with feeling bad about myself, did more to exacerbate the problem than anything else. I believed feeling unsafe and unhappy made my body stay stuck in survival mode, stuck in the mindset and physiological characteristics of someone in danger. Survival mode causes numerous chemical changes in the body and a slowing of the metabolism. It also causes food consumption when food is available since over thousands of years our bodies could not rely on an abundance of food all the time.

If that thinking is right, then finding a way to adjust my mindset would be beneficial. Because I also believe in hypnosis and reprogramming the subconscious mind to do what I want it to do, I wanted to create a simple action plan with goals and reasoning designed to convince and encourage my subconscious mind to do that. Here it is:

First, your action plan needs a title.

ACTION PLAN – 190 POUNDS FOR LIFE – Updated Sunday, September 3, 2017

Notice there is a date each time you update the plan. It is critical, and you must review your action plan at least one time per month. You should not update it any more frequently than twice per month in my opinion, but you should update it at least monthly. You do this by first reviewing each part and then modifying anything that needs to be. Never feel bad about changing your plan! You should also notice the wisdom of your thinking as it evolves. Now that you have your title you make the rest of your plan.

What is your goal and why does it matter?

My overall goal is to maintain a healthy weight of 190 pounds or less for the rest of my life.

  • It is important to me that I naturally maintain 190 pounds or less without effort.
  • It is important to me that I eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is important to me that I accomplish this without feeling bad about myself, or feeling any fear about my health. My mental outlook will always be that I am healthy and safe.

Why do you believe you can achieve your goal?

I believe I can achieve my goal because I am motivated to succeed and I will change my mental outlook to one of a healthy and safe body, which will allow my metabolism to feel safe and lose weight, and ultimately allow my subconscious mind to reset my natural weight to 190 pounds. Also, I am willing to moderate or stop eating foods and drinking things that are bad for me or cause me to weigh too much.

What are your action steps, make certain you put in dates and never worry about revising those dates. It is also important to have a reward, one that you truly deserve and want. There are only a few here as examples, and you must tailor the steps to your own needs. You should keep it to between three and five steps.

  1. My first sub-goal is to eliminate nearly all alcohol, sugar, starches, and bad fats, and to keep reducing portions until I weigh 190 pounds or less.
    • This sub-goal will be achieved by December 5, 2017.
    • My reward for reaching this goal is to buy a new wardrobe (budget $2,000).
  2. My second sub-goal is to watch and write down food and supplement reactions carefully and to find optimal foods and supplements to reduce the inflammation in my body.
    • This sub-goal will be achieved by December 5, 2017.
    • My reward for reaching this goal is subject to achieving my first sub-goal and is to buy a new wardrobe (budget $2,000).
  3. My third sub-goal is to maintain 190 pounds or less for the rest of my life.
    • This sub-goal will be achieved by never going above 195 for five years.
    • My reward for reaching this sub-goal is a one month trip to Australia.

Now make it clear to your subconscious mind, and yourself, why this is important to you.

There are five significant benefits to my achieving my overall goal.

  1. I will be healthier.
  2. I will eliminate stress and fear about my health.
  3. I will look good, my pants will fit nicely, and I can tuck in my shirts again.
  4. I will feel good, more alive and energetic.
  5. I will complete a lifetime goal once and for all!

There you go. The most important thing to remember is that this is a process, a long process. Long means a few years, and if that makes you shudder, you are feeling one of the biggest obstacles to your success, urgency. Be patient. Be realistic. There are fast solutions, but they are always short-lived. You must see this endeavor as a long-term and gradual change to your fundamental mindset and physiology because that is the truth of permanently achieving your healthy weight. Having the idea that you will accomplish this in a few months is the same as shooting for a weight of 120 pounds when you are a 175-pound man, or 95 pounds when you are a 115-pound woman, unrealistic. Trust this despite what all the experts and marketers try and tell you.

If you embrace the idea that change must occur at a subconscious level, both emotionally and physiologically, you will succeed at obtaining your healthy weight. And you will achieve your healthy weight permanently because you will use tools that work and you will use them repetitively and over and over again. You will patiently create consistent, incremental, and repetitive changes to the physiology and mindset you were born with and developed over your lifetime.