Reincarnation, Past Lives, Are They Real?

During my work as a hypnotherapist, many of my clients wanted to do past life regression work, or they would ask me if I felt that reincarnation and past lives were real events. Because I do not know and that answer never satisfied any of my clients they would usually press me for what I believed. Again, I am open to all possibilities. That is not a cop out it is the truth. Following is the best answer I can give. Continue reading “Reincarnation, Past Lives, Are They Real?”

God, God, God

Let’s make it an important part of our lives to create the freedom and space for people to have an infinite number of definitions and perspectives about God.

Does this post scare or offend you? Make you suspicious or wary of the writer? Most people have a strong reaction at the scantest hint or mention of the word God. Is there a more potent word? Continue reading “God, God, God”

Winning The Battle Of Humanity

Humanities collective spiritual consciousness has cried out for greater awareness and connection to one another and God. But wait! Humanities collective illusion is embroiled in greed and personal desire, resulting in the epic battle between love and illusion that we now witness as a worldwide economic crisis.

We pray to remain compassionate to those that suffer (in any way) as we realize the great joy that comes from knowing humanities collective spirit is winning the battle of our souls and reminding us of what is truly important.

What Is Your Purpose?

We need a purpose for our life, a reason for being alive. Finding purpose is critical to our well being, and in times of severe stress, this is all we have.

What do people do when they are overwhelmed? It happens to all of us, but what do we do about it. We can’t just eat, or we get too heavy; can’t drink too much or we become alcoholics; can’t take drugs for obvious reasons; can’t ignore it because it will not go away. So, what do we do? Continue reading “What Is Your Purpose?”

Subconscious Programming

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is important because it is the reason you are not able to change certain things in your life.

People want to know why the law of attraction is not working for them. They hear how it is the key, or secret, to having everything they want. After diligently adhering to its principles and failing to succeed, they feel like a failure and despair sets in, but this is not fair. Subconscious programming is the reason practices like the law of attraction do not always work. Continue reading “Subconscious Programming”