The Killing Place

Bill went back into the cabin, put the key to the car on the table where the stacks of papers sat, and then sat in the chair by the window and looked out at the forest. Bill loved seeing dirt and pine needles scattered over the ground, so much more beautiful to look at than concrete. Then Bill shot himself.

Mostly, they didn’t want to kill, but that was their fate. Life must eat life to survive and sometimes kill to protect itself, and they were killers.


Terrell saw him in the tall grass, 200 yards upwind and drinking from a small creek. The air was soft and warm. The sun’s intensity made the colors unusually bright, the azure sky, the surrounding green jungle, patches of dark brown earth, and the crystalline reflection of the stream where David was drinking. Terrell was big and powerful, but a lack of protein had made his mind slow, and he was physically weak. The abundant plants and fruits did nothing to keep Terrell alive, he needed protein to survive, there was no other way. How life worked and why, he didn’t know. Movement alerted his brain, and his eyes blinked into focus when David lifted his head to look around. Had David seen him? Heard his thoughts? Terrell slipped lower down into the tall grass and stilled his movements as he prayed he hadn’t been discovered.

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After Divorce

I was proud of my little family of four. Divorced or not we had beautiful young boys, and I felt on top of the world. Then suddenly my ex-wife needed to go to the bathroom.

It occurs to me that divorce usually gets thought of as the time between one deciding to get divorced and a marital settlement agreement. But I think the most challenging part is after the divorce, the years spent with child custody and trying to find another mate and all that. We do not have support for that stage because there is no money in it. No need for a divorce attorney or mediator, and no reason to waste money on therapy because the raw truth is there is no more to do about it than about the pain one gets after breaking a limb. You have to tough it out as it were. That sucks. Continue reading “After Divorce”

Life in Boulder, CO

She was blond and had the air of a movie star, plus she always walked with two giant hairy dogs, they looked like wooly mammoths. For all I know they were wooly mammoth babies, and she was Madonna, hard to say in Boulder.

One of the streets that comes out of the mountains splits into two of Boulder’s main roads. The new streets each have a personality of their own, Canyon Blvd. is a four-lane thoroughfare while Pearl St. has a more complex character. Pearl starts as a cozy tree-lined street loaded with apartments, expensive homes, and lots of restaurants, then about a mile further east closes for five blocks and becomes a brick-lined mall. The Mall is a big deal with sculptures, parks, and retail shops. After the mall, Pearl becomes a commercial street and home to one of the busiest Whole Foods in America and a Google headquarters. I know the area like the back of my hand. I like to walk early in the morning and park across the street from Oksana and my old apartment at the very west end of Pearl and head east right about 6 am.

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Sexual Harassment Needs Perspective

Would you be more likely to put someone in jail that grabbed a contemporaries ass or that raped an eight-year-old child?

We are in a news cycle devoted to stories on sexual harassment. There is a broad spectrum of bad behavior ranging from forceful kisses to rape. A lot can be said and is said on this issue but even more is left unsaid. Behavior between men and women is complicated, and new rules will not be determined overnight or even over the next few years. While it is a good thing to weigh in on this crucial topic, it is also a good idea to keep it in perspective.  Continue reading “Sexual Harassment Needs Perspective”

How Do I Get A Soul? (Fun Fiction)

The only downside was the fact that the organic brain still required oxygen and glucose to survive, and over time would eventually expire no matter how much bioengineering got thrown at it.

The book on my lap had been given to me twelve hours earlier, and I had not put it down to eat or go to the bathroom. This book had been written 40,000 years into the future and was a textbook for college students, or whatever the equivalent would be 40,000 years from now. What it said and how I received it is the topic of this article. Continue reading “How Do I Get A Soul? (Fun Fiction)”