Being A Man And Loving God

You can tell them this: “Look, when you successfully explain calculus to an ant come get me right away and explain God.

I love to talk about God. Really I love to talk about everything related to being human. Sometimes this makes people uncomfortable.

What is God? Nobody can define God. All that any person can really do is point to our faith, to our heart, to our soul. That inner place deep inside where we can only “feel” what God is.

Why do so many people dislike God? I do not know that either, and it bothers me. That is one thing I would like to change in this world.

Why don’t more people talk to God? Maybe part of that has to do with all the definitions. People take things that cannot be explained and make definitions for them. Like God. But we do not have to limit God to anyone’s definition.

Maybe some of the other reasons people do not want to talk to God have to do with all the people dying and suffering at God’s feet, or all the war and human violation that has occurred in the name of God. Who wants to be associated with that. But we can not define God by these things either.

We all need to grow up. There are many things we do not yet understand or know. We do not even know why Gravity attracts or how to comprehend infinity or eternity. Why should anyone think we are able to comprehend God?

I want people to fall in Love with God. God is for everyone. Find your own definition of God and ignore anyone that tries to take God away from you. You can tell them this: “Look, when you successfully explain calculus to an ant come get me right away and explain God. GET IT?”

Get intimate with God. God will help you become more of whatever it is that you are. Really! And in so many ways. If you are an atheist you can surely believe in the power of mental focus and the change that can occur with thought. Well then, you can use that as your version of God to help you focus and change thoughts. And there is no better psychotherapist than God. And God is free!

If you want to become God-like, your aspirations must be focused very high. What better role model than God? Or, you could just imagine the purest and most unconditional love in the universe and make that God, then you can work toward becoming unconditional and all loving.

It is so easy if you do not define God. God can be anything you want or need, and after all isn’t that what a loving entity like God would want? If you really evolve you can love everyone else’s God(s) too! Because you do not know. And in that you can find true humility.

It is hard to deal with being a human in God’s eyes. When we first learn about God we sometimes feel guilty about being human and doing things that are normal, like masturbation. But we do it anyway, and somehow hope (even pray) that God cannot see what we are doing. Now how can people accept themselves if God does not accept them? They cannot.

So it is important to get intimate with God, to call upon God, and to have discussions with God. Find your answers directly from God. Ask God if you should feel guilty about masturbating. God may just tell you “…about as guilty as you would feel after taking a breath.” And then laugh with you.

Talk to God. Practice. Listen. Sure you will save on psychotherapy bills, but more than that, you will find true peace and joy.

PS – Oh yeah, during a recent Ashram I found out that I love being a man. Even with all the dirty thoughts and desires; confusion and equivocation; sex and lust; hair and dust. Love it!

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  1. Matt and I have desired to have anotehr child since we were married… we would always pray “Lord give us a child”… then add a small “if it’s your will”, which really meant.. I’m just saying that to make me SOUND like I care, but really — I want a child no matter what you have in store. After 10 miscarriages, a very humbleing experience… our prayer has changed to “We want a child – but if this is not your plan for you to fill this void somehow — then take the desire away”… We can get so caught up in what WE want and forget what GOD wants… knowing that God will never withhold anything good from us (of course forgot the verse, but I WILL find it for you) has reminded me that only HE knows what is good & right for our lives.

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