What Is Your Purpose?

We need a purpose for our life, a reason for being alive. Finding purpose is critical to our well being, and in times of severe stress, this is all we have.

What do people do when they are overwhelmed? It happens to all of us, but what do we do about it. We can’t just eat, or we get too heavy; can’t drink too much or we become alcoholics; can’t take drugs for obvious reasons; can’t ignore it because it will not go away. So, what do we do? Continue reading “What Is Your Purpose?”

Subconscious Programming

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is important because it is the reason you are not able to change certain things in your life.

People want to know why the law of attraction is not working for them. They hear how it is the key, or secret, to having everything they want. After diligently adhering to its principles and failing to succeed, they feel like a failure and despair sets in, but this is not fair. Subconscious programming is the reason practices like the law of attraction do not always work. Continue reading “Subconscious Programming”

Self-Hypnosis – Keep it Simple

After having worked on a few hypnosis recordings for many weeks, recordings I intended to give away on my site, I sent them to mentors and teachers of mine. “The intros are great but the hypnosis portion of the recording, not so good.” What was not good about these recordings? Continue reading “Self-Hypnosis – Keep it Simple”

A Short Love Story

It was almost as if David was watching from someplace other than his own body. He looked up and met Terrell’s eyes which seemed moist and full of love. Not hatred or rage, just love.

Terrell saw him in the tall grass about 200 yards upwind drinking from a small creek. The air was soft and warm, with blue skies that were too bright to look at directly. The sun’s intensity made the colors especially bright, and there was green jungle all around except for a few patches of dark brown earth and the crystal blue of the stream where David was drinking. Continue reading “A Short Love Story”