Free Hypnosis Recordings

Here are some free hypnosis recordings that will help you in every area of your health. I love hypnosis, and it has worked for me and many others, it will work for you too. The main thing to know about hypnosis is that there is nothing that will happen unless you want it to, any idea of losing control over your mind is untrue and unwarranted. You can read more about hypnosis here and a lot more about it here.

These recordings were compiled and produced by myself and Harvey Duncan. We initially made them for sale under the name Me, Thin and Healthy and then later changed the name to Me, Fit and Healthy, so you will hear and see references to both. We have discontinued the business so the names are irrelevant and none of the websites or links are working anymore, but you will still get all the benefits from these recordings.

The recordings are all MP3, and you can download them by just clicking on the links below. The files are zip files so depending on what browser you are using you may have to unzip them manually or they may get unzipped automatically. Once you have the MP3 recordings, you can use them with any device. Please do not give these to others, instead have them come directly to this site. They are free, and this way the person gets the benefit of all the other resources and I get the traffic.

The recordings were made to work together in a precise and particular way so you should listen to the Foundation recording first, and for seven consecutive days. After that, you can listen in any order you want. Here is the Quick Start Guide, for more detail you can get the User Guide, both are in PDF format.

Ok, here are the recordings, the fastest and easiest way is to download all of them here, but it is a pretty big file (458MB), so you can download them individually by using the following links:

Quick Start Guide

Foundation Recording

Good Eating Recording

Go Exercise Recording

Healthy Emotions Recording

Stay Motivated Recording

Stop Smoking Recording

Less Stress Recording

Wonderful Sleep Recording

Strong Healthy Body Recording

All in One Recording

User Guide