How To Live From Your Heart

What makes this quote amazing is the person who wrote it.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. -Anne Frank, Holocaust diarist (1929-1945)

What an amazing young woman! She only lived for 16 years, and she truly lived from her heart.

What if Anne Frank had not followed her heart and written a journal, what if she had wondered or concerned herself with how many people would ever see or experience her words and insights? Her heart moved her, and she followed it, and because of that, we all can experience her life in a more personal way. Too often we hear the news, and it is impersonal, statistical, there is no way for us to truly experience what is going on for other people or understand how their lives are different from our own. What Anne Frank has done is allow us to feel what life was like for her and because of that, we have greater understanding and awareness of our humanity. Outstanding.

We should all strive to follow our heart more, trusting where our heart takes us.

PS – If you want to read more about this amazing young woman you can go here – Anne Frank