How To Live A Happy Life

Your beliefs create your “operating system, ” and guide everything you do and are capable of doing.

Whether you want to improve your business, health, finances, relationships, spiritual life or athletic performance, first you must discover more of yourself and find purpose and happiness. Get to know who you are at the deepest level, define how you want to live your life and let go of the past. Here are the steps I believe will do that:

  1. Identify your beliefs. You must become conscious of your beliefs and then decide which beliefs serve you and which need to be re-evaluated and let go. Your beliefs create your “operating system, ” and guide everything you do and are capable of doing.
  2. Clarify your goals. Because getting clear about your beliefs will change your goals, it is important to look at these often and make sure they are still important and prioritized correctly.
  3. Look for where there is conflict and find the emotional blocks and traumas that hold you back. Revisit them with a mature, open perspective and allow feelings to be fully present without judgment – no right or wrong. Realize these feelings are normal and become comfortable with them.
  4. See people or objects involved in past trauma in a loving and forgiving way—accept them as they are, none of us is perfect. It is critical for your happiness that you truly forgive, forgive completely, and then let go of the past. Decide to let go of all past resentment, guilt, shame, or other false emotions about yourself and others. Find purpose in letting go of these old ways, and developing newer, healthier ones, this will start the process of making positive life changes.
  5. Commit to the necessary work that will reprogram your subconscious behavior, and make the right conscious decisions automatic.

These are things we need to keep up with for life, living well is a full-time job, and in my opinion, because most of us are so blessed our duty.