Self-Hypnosis – Keep it Simple

After having worked on a few hypnosis recordings for many weeks, recordings I intended to give away on my site, I sent them to mentors and teachers of mine. “The intros are great but the hypnosis portion of the recording, not so good.” What was not good about these recordings? They were confusing, too much explanation in the portion of the recording that needed to be calming and help one move past the conscious part of the mind and into a hypnotic state. I had forgotten the basics, and the basics are always important, even as we become more skilled. Here are the important basics of creating your own self-hypnosis recordings, whether you make them for yourself or for others –

  1. Bypass the critical factor (conscious mind)
  2. Begin selective thinking
  3. Relax the body which signals the conscious mind to relax.
  4. In making suggestions – Be specific, positive, detailed, simple, use the present tense, use exciting emotional words, affirm the action you want, be accurate and realistic, and personalize the suggestions.

Here is an example of a good script. You can make it better and personalize it for yourself –

My actions are well thought out. I am calm and act with care for those around me. I choose my words carefully and say what I truly feel. I am patient. I enjoy taking my time with things. I enjoy letting everything develop in its own time. I am happy. I always have plenty of time for the things I want to do. I always have time for helping others. I am present. I am relaxed. I am peaceful. I enjoy my daily activities. I enjoy taking care of details. I am grateful. I am at peace. Life is a pleasure. I am happy with every experience. I live in constant peace and calm. I love myself. I am relaxed. I am grateful to be alive!

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  1. David, as the “mentors and teachers” who commented on your hypnosis recordings, may we say: “Wow! Your response was extraordinary. You not only take well meaning critique positively , you make it into a teaching opportunity for helping many. We knew we were right to be impressed by you. Bravo! And not incidentally, great script!”

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