Internet Success

In the digital world, you can create your store for a few thousand dollars, your digital inventory for even less, and you can sell worldwide!

Once again I start off with stories and tales of internet technology and my trials and tribulations with same. Because I spent my early adulthood mastering video games, I have a strong affinity to technology and learning how things work. This is fortunate because internet tools and resources are both remarkable and remarkably challenging to use. At least at first. Once you get familiar with them, they are so easy and make so much sense. Funny how life is the same, we find relationships and other difficulties throughout our life to be so mysterious, so challenging –  and then as we grow and become more familiar with life things just seem to make sense.

Over the last 30 years, I have worked hard to master myself, to become more aware, enlightened, and free. This has been an endeavor that I have taken quite seriously and worked diligently toward most of my waking (and sleeping) hours. Over the last few years, I have felt so peaceful, so at ease about so many things that caused me terrible pain earlier in my life. Much as I would like to chalk this up to my superhuman efforts and individual superiority the truth is more simple – I have lived enough years to become familiar with life.

So, my internet experience is the same. If you stick with it long enough, you grow familiar with its way of working and become “enlightened.” This is a good thing because it is possible to use this incredible resource and make a living from home, wherever that is. FREEDOM!

Think about it, during most of our lives the only way you could start a business was to pay some serious money for a physical storefront which in the real estate world could cost millions of dollars. You fill it with hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory, hire lots of employees, hook up utilities, pay property taxes, and so many other additional costs I do not even know where to start. Then you hope your location is good and people like what you have chosen to sell. But the most important thing – you are limited to the demographics within driving range of your store.

In the digital world, you can create your store for a few thousand dollars, your digital inventory for even less, and you can sell worldwide! It is amazing. For me, this is the real opportunity that technology has brought to us.

Example, a little over 100 years ago the engine was perfected, and that technology changed our world. Oil, cars, airplanes, and everything that went into supporting them like highways and roads, lights, gas stations, refineries, on and on. For most people, the real opportunities were not in the engine that started it all but in the thousands of business which sprouted up to support the changes in our world that happened because of the engine.

We are standing on the steps of a great opportunity, and it is accessible to all of us. Get moving!