Near Death Experience – Why Come Back?

Beyond my friend’s tremendous courage, I honor his choice and believe we all make this choice to some degree or another.

A few of us know someone that has had a near death experience, I am one of them. What an experience it must be. Sure we do not like to think about death, but in many ways it defines us.

A long time friend of mine since 1982 got diagnosed with cancer that had progressed beyond normal protocols and took in a near fatal amount of radiation during his treatment. He feels this is a metaphor for his life. I agree, mostly the progression beyond normal I mean. In every way this man has lived an intense life, exploring boundaries beyond what most of us ever see or can fathom. He is also a deeply spiritual person that cares deeply about living life in full awareness.

From his telling of the story, he was near death, and the nurse (Angel of Mercy) assigned to dying patients had started seeing him when he overheard two other nurses discussing his dire condition. His worst fears of death were confirmed. I could not imagine.

Because I believe in the power of the mind, I had to ask him what made him live. Surely he must have decided to live for some reason or purpose to escape death. His answer – “I decided to stay alive to live life as my true self-manifest in a body.”

I may not have his exact words, but that is what I believe our purpose is – to grow, manifest, evolve, and live fully from our heart and spirit while in a body. Beyond my friend’s tremendous courage, I honor his choice and believe we all make this choice to some degree or another. Do you want to live? …Why?

4 thoughts on “Near Death Experience – Why Come Back?”

  1. When I spoke with Susan regarding her comments, she offered this from Her experience: (She is the “angel of Mercy” referred to in David’s post.) “To live with “your NDE” moment is an experience of love, knowing you are loved, spilling out into everything that you do.”

  2. “to live life as my true self manifest in a body” – as I read these powerful words, I thought of the people whom I have met in the course of palliative nursing. At this most meaningful time of their lives, love emanates to those sitting vigil. It is awesome for a person to live now, emanating the full love of that final moment.

  3. PS To whom; please correct the word “consider” in prior post. Thanks for “being” in my life Dave, hope others have the same opportunity! We have shared many “embarrassments” and it sure has been fun; most of the time.

  4. Your “words” are accurate as is your belief of “purpose.” Will offer more another day. One of the greatest joys of the blessing called life is knowing someone who has been on the journey in a meaningful manner and has the courage to continue to “know” you when encountering your truth, such as David; thanks Dave! A former colleague of ours asked me once, “Don’t you think there are many truths?” and my answer was, “No, I believe there is one truth and many realities.” For those seeking their truth in a unique ‘way’ I would suggest, if you want a less physically impactful protocol than radiation for personal growth, conssider this in challenging moments; “If you aren’t embarrassed by who you were yesterday then you aren’t growing.” Keep moving.

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