Reincarnation, Past Lives, Are They Real?

During my work as a hypnotherapist, many of my clients wanted to do past life regression work, or they would ask me if I felt that reincarnation and past lives were real events. Because I do not know and that answer never satisfied any of my clients they would usually press me for what I believed. Again, I am open to all possibilities. That is not a cop out it is the truth. Following is the best answer I can give.

As humans, we thirst for knowledge, which is wonderful as long as we make sure to add an equal measure of humility. There is much we simply do not know, perhaps can not know. Nothing can make a new crop of zealots faster than religious or spiritual knowledge, but do we have any? And like so many things in the universe is there only one right answer?

Philosophical/Spiritual Considerations:

The more important question about reincarnation is this – why does it matter to us? Are we frightened at the prospect of going dust to dust? Afraid we are missing out on something, or concerned we have not done all things necessary to get to heaven or some similar place? Are we afraid? And would we change how we live?

These are defining questions. These are the questions that make us more aware of who we truly are. And these are the questions that have far more meaning than knowing whether reincarnation is fact or not.

For people that do not believe in reincarnation, what of the people that believe in reincarnation? Are we concerned they know something we do not? Are we genuinely concerned about their well being because they are being duped, or do we envy them for the peace they find in the belief we feel is false? Can we humble ourselves and admit we do not know and they could be just as right as we are. Or consider the possibility there is no truth at all, or that both perspectives can be true.

For people that believe in reincarnation, instead of being distracted by what may be, can we focus our attention on what is happening right now? How we are conducting our lives and making choices right now – not out of fear of what may occur at our death, but out of choices we make from deep inside our beings, no matter what we choose. And can we look closely at ourselves and make sure we are who we want to be, despite any metaphysical or spiritual consequences.

Clinical Considerations:

The subconscious mind is far more complex than our current understanding and knowledge. People find an infinite number of ways to work through emotional trauma and pain. The most difficult traumas to resolve are those that have become repressed or hidden from conscious awareness. The cure lies in helping one bring the source of the trauma to the surface, to conscious awareness, so that it can be re-assessed and some resolution and healing can occur.

The ways in which the mind protects us are astounding, and by repressing the memories of past trauma the mind is protecting us from experiencing that same trauma again. The mind will not let those memories surface in any way that may be “too much” for us and for this reason it becomes necessary to find ways of distancing oneself from the source of the trauma. Using a past life as a framework may help to allow these past traumas come to the surface. Is it appropriate to use this as a tool? The only person that can answer that is the person who is helped by the process.

That said, I have experienced past life regressions on myself and seen it in others, and it can feel genuine. Maybe it is. Either way, the more important questions for each of us remain. In addition to the questions above, why is an answer important? Why is other peoples choice of answers important?