Subconscious Programming

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is important because it is the reason you are not able to change certain things in your life.

People want to know why the law of attraction is not working for them. They hear how it is the key, or secret, to having everything they want. After diligently adhering to its principles and failing to succeed, they feel like a failure and despair sets in, but this is not fair. Subconscious programming is the reason practices like the law of attraction do not always work.

Many of us work hard to make life changes and better ourselves. But we come up against walls and obstacles we just can not seem to overcome, this invariably leads to discouragement and giving up. We are complicated and unique beings, and there is no simple answer, but I will give you some thoughts.

Our mind is at the core of everything about our human experience – how we feel about ourselves, how we succeed in life, etc. Not because our spirit is unimportant or because our spirit does not have greater awareness but simply because the mind is the fulcrum, the point of traction, the place where soul meets humanity. Spirit does not enter the human form to experience spirit – spirit enters the human form to experience humanness. In that context, the mind is where it all happens, where the translation occurs. The mind is where everything that happens, wherever we are, whatever that is, gets recorded and managed. The human experience is meant to be an experience. Any interference that would keep it from being an experience is counterproductive and unwanted.

The subconscious part of our mind protects our ability to have this experience, and to keep us safe, both physically and emotionally. The subconscious mind stores every instant of every event that ever happens to you, along with all the emotions and feelings that went along with that event. It can access all of this information instantly.Consider what happens if you fall? You do not consciously determine the best way to brace yourself or fall, your subconscious mind does that for you, automatically. The same applies to an emotional situation; your subconscious mind automatically and instantly determines the best way for you to react.

The subconscious mind may also have access to the experiences of all life. The obvious way this happens is by passing on information through DNA, which we call instinct. But there may also be access to a collective consciousness of all human experience or spirit.

The conscious mind is not capable of holding every memory and experience we have had. Nor does it have the other vast resources of the subconscious mind. But the conscious mind has an important job – to find new solutions, to explore new areas of life, to make decisions using its miraculous abilities of discernment and reasoning. The conscious mind’s job is big, and the subconscious mind provides help by making many of our daily tasks automatic.

Now consider what may happen when you utilize a practice like the law of attraction to make more money, but you have the previous programming from your childhood that says money is wrong. Often you will not remember how you got that programming because the most impressionable time of our life is during the first years, and we are not consciously aware of all the programming that happens. Suppose that as a four-year-old, you overhear your mother on a telephone conversation with a friend saying that money has ruined her life and is the reason your father left her. That is programming with highly emotional elements, including your survival without a father and with an unhappy and distraught mother. Your subconscious mind hears your conscious fears and emotions and to protect you keeps you from money, much like it keeps you from flames or hot surfaces. As a four-year-old child, you do not have the conscious awareness and life experience to tell it otherwise or to see money as an object less rigid and absolute than fire and heat. Until you consciously remove that programming in the same context it was introduced, your subconscious mind will continue to protect you from money automatically.

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is important because it is the reason you are not able to change certain things in your life. Before the subconscious mind hands over survival situations to your conscious mind, it must know you are safe. In the four-year-old’s experience with money, his subconscious mind saw that money had put the boy in danger and was a viable threat to the boy’s physical and emotional well-being. So, no matter what practice the adult version of the four-year-old boy uses until this subconscious protection gets removed, it will be nearly impossible to make money.

If you can identify the source of previous subconscious programming, you can use adult experience and maturity to convince the subconscious mind the programming got created in error. But you have to address the erroneous programming from the point of view of the four-year-old boy while using the maturity of an adult mind.