Tellurian Duties

We know the world is changing faster than we are. We are aware our morality, and collective consciousness is lagging far behind our technological capability. We are aware this is important, most important, and that we must do something about it.

There is a crisis looming on the horizon, and we are not interested in how to protect our money, our country, our religion, or any other dogmatic theme; we are interested in how to protect humanity. We are brave enough to face this head on. We will not turn our head or look for something to distract us. The time to continue to evolve is now. We will not let the fear stop us.

We believe there is value in humanity continuing to move forward in its evolution. We know that means we will have to go together. All of us. No matter what religion, color, politics, or preference we choose.

We appreciate our good fortune to be in a position to care and think, and do important things about this turning point in humanity. We are helping from our hearts, and out of love; not fear or blame.

We know the solution is to reach out to one another, to connect and get to know each other at a deeper level. We look for ways to do this in our own lives, and we teach others how to do this in their lives too.