The Lifestyle and Habit Algorithm

Patience and consistent effort are key, and if we can accept these truths and feel good about ourselves throughout the process, we can change anything.

Ah, to enjoy an avocado as much as ice cream or chocolate or anything resembling a cookie. Can you imagine? What about loving broccoli more than chips and salsa or any other snack? What makes our mind choose these things? Aren’t you the least bit curious? And do you think we have the power to control our mind and its habits and desires?

I truly do and even though it is not easy to unravel the mysteries of the mind it may be possible to effect more change than you think. What if I told you I could show you how to lose 0.00035% of your body fat every week? I mean a 100% guaranteed weekly fat loss for as long as you wanted to lose that much body fat. And all you would have to do is spend 30 minutes a day exercising your mind.

That is a little over 1 ounce per week for a 180-pound male and one-half ounce for a 120-pound female. Who cares about 1 ounce per week, it is almost ridiculous; we could not even measure it accurately. It would be so slow that you would never even notice it was happening. For a few years anyway.

You know what, that is exactly how we got heavier than we wanted. Here is where the math comes in – when you gain 0.00035% body fat every week it compounds so that in 10 years (usually during your 30’s) a 120-pound female suddenly weighs 144 pounds and a 180-pound male suddenly weighs 216 pounds. Sound familiar? I hate compounding.

And here is where we lose our minds. We want to diet and lose ten years worth of compounding in weeks or months, and it just does not work that way. Our mind slowly adjusts multiple physiological and psychological habits and systems so that our new weight is healthy. It cannot and will not reverse ten years of changing physiology without putting up a fight.

Ok, so what do we do, wait ten years? Well, not entirely, maybe we can accelerate a reversal by a factor of as much as four times, maybe more, and get the time down to 2 years. By almost any standard that is fantastic! But not according to the average adult’s patience or attention span. We want results fast, or we give up and feel bad about ourselves, which makes matters worse.

This is how all habits work, from smoking to drinking to excess weight and every other habit. Patience and consistent effort are key, and if we can accept these truths and feel good about ourselves throughout the process, we can change anything. Permanently. And the best part is that it will feel effortless because it will become natural for our mind and physiology.

Why doesn’t hypnosis work? People ask me that when things do not change as quickly as they want and I have to tell them that it takes time. Ah yes, time, nobody wants to listen to recordings every day for two years. But if you think back on the last 20 years that you have struggled with your weight or any other habit, suddenly two years does not sound so bad.