Important Letter to Myself

Never underestimate the power of speaking to yourself, reminding yourself of what you want and what is important to you. I use a To Do list app and remind myself weekly. Here is my “Important Letter to Myself” and you can use it as a template to make your own.
I have decided that it is time to be the man I started out being and live the life I want to live. For too many years I have allowed laziness, depression, addiction, and general apathy to direct and guide my life and lifestyle, that is no longer going to happen. I now demand that my life get dictated by my true desire and beliefs. They are:
    1.   I am in control of my destiny. There is much I can decide about my life.
    2.   I will not let fear, anxiety, or unhealthy thoughts rule my life, I will convert them to healthy thoughts and staying present and happy.
    3.   I want to live to be at least 98 years of age, always in physical and mental fitness and living a high and good quality of life.
    4.   I want to be financially secure and wealthy enough to enjoy all the things I want without stress by no later than December 2022.
These things can be achieved by me. The key components to implement immediately are:
      • Stay present and immediately change unhealthy thinking.
      • Moderate drinking of alcohol.
      • Reduce and maintain a weight below 20% body fat.
      • Eat foods that are good for me and do not eat foods that are bad for me.
      • Exercise daily and in the best way for my body and health.
There it is, that is what I want and the strange thoughts, lazy habits, odd emotional states, and crazy human behaviors that stop me from living this way are no longer part of my life.