Why Do I Need To Work On Myself For So Long?

Staying in top mental and spiritual shape is something to take seriously.

Once you start the process of working on your self emotionally or spiritually, it can be exciting and then quickly turn to despairing. It seems to take forever. But that is when you expect a finish line. Consider exercise; even when you get into shape, you must continue to exercise to stay fit, even if you are a world class athlete. Keeping the mind and spirit fit is just the same as keeping the body fit, it is a life-long commitment.

Now that does not mean you will need to pay for therapy forever because you should learn to stay in top mental and spiritual shape yourself. Staying in top mental and spiritual shape is something to take seriously. Want to learn, ask your therapist to help you learn how to work through conflicts on your own, find courses that help you develop tools and resources you like, and use them.

Over time you will get more and more efficient at working on yourself and then you will only need to seek help when you have a challenge too big to deal with on your own, or when you want to fine tune your technique, or just get another opinion and perspective.

It is our duty to evolve, to work on our mind – body – spirit connection and integration. Not just from our spiritual and human perspective, but because the entire human consciousness grows from our work.

Those of us that do not have the challenges of obtaining food, water, and shelter, owe it to the collective consciousness. At the very least out of appreciation for all the things we take for granted, but that took many generations of accomplishments and sacrifices. One very minor example, would you want to be the person finding plants that are edible and risking your life on the one plant that wasn’t?

The personal benefit of staying in top mental and spiritual shape? We have a much more fulfilled and happy life!