Why Won’t God Make Me Lose Weight!

“Because then you would not know you were eating the wrong foods for your body!”

You probably have gathered by now that I am extremely intrigued with health and weight loss. It is always a struggle for me to stay at a healthy weight and it is very frustrating.

Mostly I just think it should be easy. I mean come on, why should something as fundamental as keeping my body healthy and at a proper weight be difficult at all? Surely this is an oversight on the part of nature.

Well, usually when I get to a peak level of frustration about something I complain or get angry with God. I mean after all God is the head of everything, and this is just not acceptable. Not at all.

So I said “God! Why won’t you just change my metabolism so I stay at a healthy weight!” and within an instant, the answer came back to me “Because then you would not know you were eating the wrong foods for your body!”

Ok, hard to argue with that. I do want to be healthy. And it makes sense that if I ate and ate whatever I wanted with no sign of it being harmful, I would keep eating until my body gave out. Touché God. I stand corrected and with new found appreciation for the perfection of things.

Now I keep a food diary. Very illuminating.

If you have not tried one, please do. I have always been quite vocal to those closest to me about how well I eat and that I do not eat hardly anything.

Well, the truth is hard. Keep a food diary for two weeks and see for yourself.