You Can Have What You Want

Recently I told a friend you can have what you want, you just need to develop patience and compromise. At least that is what she tells me I said. Anyway she sent me an email about a conversation she had with her young daughter that I want to share because it was so sweet.

So the day after I talked to you I was sitting at the kitchen table with Tahlia and I said, “My friend David told me that you can have what you want (a big smile forms on her face) you just need to develop patience and compromise.” She had the funniest look on her face and was totally thinking about what I said.

Today she was telling me she was mad that I told her that I would help her look for her sock after I finished paying the bills. Again I said, you can have what you want but you need to develop compromise and patience. The funny thing was that in the midst of being angry she was like, oh yeah and then went off to go about her business of doing something else AND found the sock herself.

I have been repeating this over and over to her and she seems to understand it and kind of like it.

Thought you would enjoy this.